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Product no.: Lms0155C.

Tyre pump original stock 84750744, This pump is has been used (Second hand unit) tested working, has been  painted Army Matt Green by the Army before issue



Product no.: AMG 280-015

Cam Belt Genuine Ex army stock part number 280015, up grade from 280-010



Product no.: AMG000000

Lots of MT 350 and MT500 parts in stock getting more  parts on web site daily please feel free to Email or phone!


No stock

Product no.: AMG 84702471

MT350 Map Holder for MT350 Harley Davidson colour green



Product no.: AMG 84750124

Genuine Ex army Stock MT500 & MT350 84750124



Product no.: AMG0026

Harley Davidson MT350 - MT500 Armstrong  Riders tool kit as photo, sold as used items all tools completely serviceable some will be new,   Ex MOD stock 84771062



Product no.: Lms0319A.

D8EA NGK spark plug, MT350 or MT500 NEW just one plug



Product no.: AMG 84850122

MT350 & MT500 original green tool box complete 84850122


Currently unavailable

Product no.: AMG 241-965

Rotax Locking bolt, crank locking bolt part number 241-965, suitable for MT350, MT500 and other Rotax engines

£14.00 / unit(s)


Product no.: AMG0027

Harley Davidson MT350 Workshop manual original Remi issue (lots of diagrams and trouble shooting areas)




Product no.: AMG 84760081

MT350 and MT500 - Grease nipple for the swinging arm spindle part number 84760081,



Product no.: Lms0316A

Tyre pump original stock 84750744, not issued,  has been  painted Army Matt Green by the Army before issue



Product no.: Lms0863A,

Rotax Engine tool, Puller for the timming pulley, bottom pulley this tool can be used on 350, 500 and other Rotax



Currently unavailable

Product no.: AMG plug spanner

MT350 and MT500 spark plug removal tool, 18 mm Wrench, This tool is an original tool although it is a basic thin walled box spanner 8770171 Rotax 276-280



Product no.: AMG0042

Oil filter, 'O' ring and  copper gasket all ready for your Oil Change (original parts)



Product no.: AMG 84703578

84703578 tool box bracket MT350 fixing bracket


Currently unavailable

Product no.: AMG 256180

Genuine Ex Army Stock - Rotax part number 256180 also known as 256-185 Used on  MT350 and MT500 and many Rotax Engines



Product no.: Lms0091A.

MT350 and MT500 Special cylinder spanner Rotax part number 277-070