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Product no.: Lms0247

Brake Disc 84732205 this disc will fit your  front or rear wheel



Product no.: AMG 84733203

Front wheel spacer, MT350 Harley Davidson



Product no.: AMG000000

Lots of MT 350 and MT500 parts in stock getting more  parts on web site daily please feel free to Email or phone!


No stock

Product no.: AMG 84733096

Original ex Army Disc Guard rear 84733096



Product no.: AMG 82730011

Front wheel Axle spindle 8273001, known as front wheel spindle Genuine parts from our Ex Army Stock


£33.00 / unit(s)


Product no.: AMG 84750611

84750611, Split Link for a 520 O ring chain, as supplied for the MT350 and MT500 Motorcycles, this is a non rivitted type



Product no.: electrical store 221

Inner Tube 21 inch 2.50 to 3.00, 90 to 100 Michelin Airstop as used MT350 and MT500



Product no.: AMG 84831049 Gold

original ex army stock disc pad front or rear 84831049



Product no.: AMG 84733278

This spacer fits the rear wheel at the right hand side of the hub 84733278  MT350 Harley Davidson


£9.00 / unit(s)


Product no.: AMG 84732015[3]

MT350 Brake Caliper Front or rear complete with Pads Reconditioned Unit part number 84732015, Service exchange only we must have old unit before we can despatch



Product no.: AMG 84730712 + 84732288

A Pair of Rear wheel Cam, Snail Adjusters for MT350 Harley Davidson


£30.00 / pair(s)


Product no.: AMG 84732544

MT350 spider cush drive 84732544



Product no.: Lms0336.

Direct replacement for 84750041, Chain Heavy Duty Road, Sport, competition chain 520 x 108 link  MT350 and MT500



Product no.: Lms0580

 21 inch Tyre security bolt size 1.60   Ariete as fitted to many classic Bikes Special Price for limited time

£6.00 / unit(s)