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Product no.: AMG 230-920
Oil filter cover O ring 230920


£2.00 / unit(s)


Product no.: AMG 84830413

MT500 rear brake shoes complete with springs, It is recomended  that springs are changed, with new shoes, Part number 84830413


£24.00 / pair(s)


Product no.: AMG 84841022

Fork Slider MT350 Harley, L/H complete with seals, part number 84841022



Product no.: AMG 84730555

1 set Front brake shoes complete with springs MT500, 84730555 With Drum Bakes and other bikes with Grimeca drum brakes


£24.00 / pair(s)

Currently unavailable

Product no.: AMG 210-140

Timing Cover MT500 Armstrong, Rotax part 210-140 Very special Price for limited time MT350- MT500 Cam Belt 280015, O ring for timing belt cover 230-851



£60.00 / unit(s)


Product no.: AMG0036

MT500 seat 'Cover' only direct replacement




Product no.: AMG 264-861,NGK

NGK water proof plug cap




Product no.: AMG 84760636

 84760636 Rubber mounts for Dash  there are 4 each bike, on the MT500 Armstrong




Product no.: AMG 264-861
Beru Water proof plug cap


£30.00 / unit(s)


Product no.: AMG 230-832 & 230-020

Head gasket and O ring for the Head gasket on the Armstrong MT500 rotax  230-832 & 230-020



Product no.: AMG 84700533

84700533 chain slipper




Product no.: AMG 84740018

these are the dish shaped washer which there are 4 to a bike, on the rear shock absorbers 84740018

£5.00 / unit(s)


Product no.: AMG 230-851

Cam belt cover O ring seal 230851 Rotax part will fit other kick start models, Timing belt cover



Product no.: AMG 280-015

Cam Belt Genuine Ex army stock part number 280015, up grade from 280-010



Product no.: AMG 84720077

this 12 volt Flasher can as fitted to  MT500-84720077 and MT350- 84722230


Currently unavailable

Product no.: AMG242690

242690 use 242851, M10  head nut with extented washer MT500 and MT350




Product no.: AMG212595

Sump plate, sump cover rotax engine 212595 'Special Price'




Product no.: AMG 84740141

Hose clip for the Right Hand fork leg gaiter 84740141, MT350 and MT500

£2.40 / unit(s)


Product no.: AMG000000

Lots of MT 350 and MT500 parts in stock getting more  parts on web site daily please feel free to Email or phone!


No stock

Product no.: AMG 84760719

Rubber bump stop for main stand, MT500 and MT350, also known as Centre stand rubber




Product no.: AMG84760370

De compressor lever assy. 84760370, MT500




Product no.: AMG 84740299

2 Forks seals 84740299 alternative number 84740292 same seal


£13.50 / pair(s)


Product no.: AMG 84760099

Side stand springs part number 84760099, MT350, The MT500 Armstrong uses this part for its main stand




Product no.: AMG 84730654

MT500 Armstrong, Parts - Front wheel  spacer



Product no.: AMG 84700384

A pair of bushes for the Side Stand,  Bushes Side Stand 84700384 rear stand


£9.00 / pair(s)


Product no.: AMG 84760362

Decompressor cable for use of MT500 Armstrong 84760362 best quality, Ex Military vehicle parts stock




Product no.: AMG 84840073
Fork Cap with O ring seal


£12.00 / unit(s)


Product no.: Lms0546B

Oil Cap with Dip Stick MT500 84850130




Product no.: AMG 84750124

Genuine Ex army Stock MT500 & MT350 84750124



Product no.: AMG 84740463

You are buying two (2) upper bushes for the Forks on the MT500 Armstrong and MT350 Harley Davidson

£15.00 / pair(s)


1 - 30 of 66 results

maintence and service + Tools

This is  sub section with maintence and service parts, including service Tools  Listed

Main Frame

MT500 Armstrong, Main Frame Parts

front & rear suspension & fittings

This is a sub section listing parts relating to the front  and Rear suspension on the MT500 Armstrong

Front and rear wheels,brakes and chain etc.

This section gives you parts relevant to the to the Front and rear wheels including brakes and chains on your MT500

Electrics, cables and instuments

Electrical parts, cables and Instrument related parts for the MT500 Armstrong

Lighting kit etc

This is a sub section relating to MT500 Armstrong Lighting Kit

Engine related spares etc

This is a sub section, of the MT500 armstrong Listing Engine and Engine related parts