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Product no.: AMG 210-140

Timing Cover MT500 Armstrong, Rotax part 210-140 Very special Price for limited time MT350- MT500 Cam Belt 280015, O ring for timing belt cover 230-851



£60.00 / unit(s)


Product no.: AMG 264-861,NGK

NGK water proof plug cap




Product no.: AMG 264-861
Beru Water proof plug cap


£30.00 / unit(s)


Product no.: AMG 230-832 & 230-020

Head gasket and O ring for the Head gasket on the Armstrong MT500 rotax  230-832 & 230-020



Product no.: AMG 230-851

Cam belt cover O ring seal 230851 Rotax part will fit other kick start models, Timing belt cover



Product no.: AMG 280-015

Cam Belt Genuine Ex army stock part number 280015, up grade from 280-010



Product no.: AMG242690

242690 use 242851, M10  head nut with extented washer MT500 and MT350




Product no.: AMG212595

Sump plate, sump cover rotax engine 212595 'Special Price'




Product no.: AMG000000

Lots of MT 350 and MT500 parts in stock getting more  parts on web site daily please feel free to Email or phone!


No stock

Product no.: AMG- Front sprocket

Final drive Sprocket MT500, MT350 and other Rotax engines



Product no.: AMG 232-130

Idler pulley 232-130 Rotax Parts




Product no.: AMG 831762-230880

2  'O' rings for sump plate 831762 and 230880




Product no.: Lms0863A,

Rotax Engine tool, Puller for the timming pulley, bottom pulley this tool can be used on 350, 500 and other Rotax



Currently unavailable

Product no.: AMG plug spanner

MT350 and MT500 spark plug removal tool, 18 mm Wrench, This tool is an original tool although it is a basic thin walled box spanner 8770171 Rotax 276-280


Currently unavailable

Product no.: AMG 240-205

Rotax engine part - Engine Valve adjustment screw Rotax part number 240-205, and nut ,  as Used on MT350 Harley and MT500 Armstrong



Product no.: AMG 250-010

Sump drain plug copper gasket  250 010 Rotax part, as fitted to MT350, MT500 and other bikes with Rotax engines



Product no.: Lms0256A

Idler pulley for  the Rotax engine High spec. up grade in Stainless steel, an alternative to Rotax 232-130




Product no.: AMG 932-432

Cam shaft bearing 932-432, for the Rotax engine, MT350, MT500 and other Rotax engines



Product no.: AMG 250-380

Clutch cover gasket original Stock 250380

(also available after market   £4.50)



Product no.: AMG242695

242695  M10 collared nut for  head  MT500 and MT350




Product no.: AMG Sump PLug 241-401

Sump plug, drain plug as fitted to MT350 Harley Davidson, MT500 Armstrong and other Rotax engines



Product no.: AMG 229-170

4 mm x 20 mm Grooved Pin, Rotax parts. Used on the MT500 Decompressor. Rotax part number 229-170